Fathers Are Just as Important as Mothers

It is easy to forget Father’s Day – it just does not get the same kind of attention that Mother’s Day gets. I know this for a fact – and statistics support it.  I see it every year when far fewer cards are sent on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day. And I don’t believe it is because we as a society do not value to amazing contribution that fathers make in the lives of their families.  I do not know why as a society we are less likely to celebrate fathers than mothers on their special day.  But I would love to hear from you: how do you celebrate the father figures in your life?  And Dads, how do you want to be celebrated?  You can comment here or send me a mail through the website at www.ojolie.com.  Got any special requests for Father’s Day cards for next year?  Tell me now and I will give them full consideration.

Happy Fathers Day   2012
From toonpool.com

In the meantime, I am happy to share this touching video with you, just a reminder for us all in our busy daily lives to take a moment to really connect.  We don’t need a special day to acknowledge the wonderful people in our lives, but sometimes these special days help remind us to do so.

Wishing You a Very Happy Father’s Day this Sunday!

The Art of Manliness

I would love to create more ecards that appeal to men. I was therefore thrilled to find a blog dedicated the Art of Manliness with an entry dedicated to nothing less than the Art of Letter writing. Yeah! What a great find and follow up to my blog entry on The (Lost) Art of Letter Writing.

Great tips for you guys out there who might sometimes wrestle with getting pen to paper – or words to keyboard 🙂 And as woman I can honestly say there is almost nothing more manly than a man who can express himself.  And with Father’s Day coming up, son’s everywhere might need a little inspiration for celebrating their father.

 The Art of Manliness
from The Art of Manliness blog

Celebrate Father’s Day with Ojolie eCards

This Sunday June 17th is Father’s Day in many countries the world over and of course we have a new card for this occasion.

The card “Seahorse” is also great for all other summertime greetings and birthdays. It captures a day at the seaside and the magic of the sea accompanied by a musical score that will make you feel really happy and relaxed.


Father Day eCard Collection

Seahorses are celebrated as a great example of fatherhood – they are the only species on the planet where the males carry the young until they are ready to emerge from the special pouch the male has for the purpose. He only has to carry them for 21-25 days, but often he carries 2000 at the same time! After they emerge from the pouch, the little seahorse babies are pretty much on their own. So seahorses really have nothing on human fathers, who carry their young around for years after they are born – cradled in their arms, on their chest, in baby slings, carriers, car seats, on their shoulders and eventually just in their heart long after the children have left the safety of those protective arms.

So let’s celebrate all the amazing Fathers who make a huge difference in our lives, day in and day out, year after year.

Have a happy and very relaxing Father’s Day!

Father Day eCard – Lazy Days of Summer

For all our members around the world who celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, June 19, we have added a new card to the site. As the name “Lazy Days of Summer” implies, it is all about kicking back and relaxing as the mercury soars. Ideally in the clear blue water of a pool with a cool drink in your hand 🙂 Needless to say, this card can be used for many other occasions during summer and holidays.

Lazy Days of Summer

We have a variety of Father’s Day eCards, which might be of interest as well. Here are a just a few to get you started.

Hope you stay cool & have a relaxing Father’s Day!

eCards for Many Occasions: Birthday, Father Day

We have added two new ecards to our site that can be sent for a variety of occasions.

Special Delivery is a clean, modern card for just about anyone and just about any occasion. We often get requests for more cards for men, and I think you will find this one fits the bill with a vintage motorcycle and a cool sidekick. It is the first of the cards we have made this year with Father’s Day in mind, but there is more to come before June 19th.

Special Delivery

Birthday Dance is another humorous production featuring our adorable rats delivering a greeting with much fanfare. Great for birthdays or anytime you want to put a smile on someone’s face.

Birthday Dance

Father’s Day eCard – On Wilderness Shore

The inspiration for our newest Fathy Day e-Card, On Wilderness Shore, for Father’s Day came after a recent trip to the coast with my boys and Tim that included spotting an eagle up close taking of in majestic flight and many other little adventures. My oldest son told me afterwards that two of his big wishes had been fulfilled on the trip and the idea for this card was born.

Let yourself go on a journey in a canoe across great wild scenery, spotting wildlife, fishing and finally settling down for the night in a magical spot on earth – from the comfort of your computer 🙂 I hope the watercolor paintings in this card come close to giving you the feeling I get when I am out in the wild. The card is perfect for Father’s Day, greetings to all your outdoor enthusiasts, Birthday wishes (especially for men) and many other occasions. It also includes a little bit about how I went about painting the artwork in this card.

On Wilderness Shore

Here is our complete Father’s Day ecard collection.

With best wishes for a Happy Father’s Day!

An “every day should be Father’s Day” brunch

Sunday brunch was something I always looked forward to when we lived in New England, especially on those blustery days when you could barely get yourself to take the first cold dip out of your cozy warm bed.

While we will have to wait a few more months before the weather starts getting anywhere near cool here, nonetheless it has cooled off enough that cooking brunch doesn’t have to feel like being a short-order cook in a blazing hot inferno of a greasy diner.

So this past Sunday I let Tim sleep in while I whipped up a nice brunch, the boys went to the shop to fetch the paper and set the table.

Ojolie customer service gets to sleep in late on Sundays 🙂

I do happen to agree with those who say that everyday should be …. (insert your own choice of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, etc.) – and not just because I make ecards 😉 And not just because Tim actually helps out with all the responsibilities that come with raising and homeschooling two boys – although I AM grateful for that – but also the joys of playing a game of cards together, going for a swim, or planning our next camping trip.

Gone Sailing – Father’s Day Animated eCard

Our newest card, “Gone Sailing”, created with Father’s Day in mind, is a rich journey illustrated in watercolor for the sailing enthusiast as well as anyone who enjoys summer, the big open seas, or just relaxing on a beach with a cold drink. It can be used for many other occasions, such as birthdays, summer greetings, anniversaries, well you get the point – almost anything.

Gone Sailing

We have a number of other suitable cards for Father’s Day, here are just a few to get you started:

As I write this I am myself about to take off for a short journey, to the mountains instead of the sea, to photograph a very different kind of body of water – a high altitude meteor lake. I hope to get back to writing about it in my blog as soon as I get back to celebrate Father’s Day at the Tu household. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day however you decide to celebrate those great men in your life.

Happy Father’s Day!


New Father’s Day 2008 eCard

This coming Sunday, June 15th is celebrated as Father’s Day across more than fifty countries worldwide, and this year it has been 100 years since Father’s Day was first celebrated in the US.

We have of course been hard at work on the latest addition to the site for this occasion, featuring once again “Woody” – you may remember him from the card titled “Best Friends”. I wanted to capture the contributions Father’s make in our lives while keeping the card lighthearted, a little bit clever and most importantly something sons, daughters and just about anyone would want to send to their own father – and all the other great fathers they know.

Good Time

Happy Father’s Day!

Celebrate Father’s Day!

Celebrate all the wonderful fathers you know by sending one of our greetings on June 17th. Remember you can schedule greetings now to be sent on Father’s Day or for any other occasion so you don’t forget any important dates.

We have added a new card for Father’s Day, featuring a polar bear that has a relaxing tumble in a field of arctic flowers. So if you know someone who deserves some rest and relaxation, and who doesn’t, then this is the card!

We have also added a birthday card with children in mind, featuring Oli the baby elephant, although it sure appeal to many a grown up.

A Perfect Day

Oli’s Surprise

These other cards are also well suited for Father’s Day:

You’re Puuurfect