New Stellar Father Day Ecard

Today is father’s day in the US and many other parts of the world. Several of the men that I know just want birthdays and father’s day to be celebrated with a day by themselves where they can totally unplug – despite loving their families, a little me time is often a special treat for a busy dad. This inspired me to reimagine our very popular astronaut ecard – Stellar. We set it to a country-rock song with lyrics that make this the perfect card for father’s day, birthdays, anniversaries and so much more. Take off to a celestial place where you can get away from the stress of daily life!

Ojoile Father Ecard - Stellar
Ojoile Father Ecard – Stellar

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Celebrate The Amazing Fathers – Father Day Ecard

We have a new card for the upcoming Father’s Day. The card Seahorse is also great for all other summertime greetings and birthdays. It captures a day at the seaside and the magic of the sea accompanied by a musical score that will make you feel really happy and relaxed.

Ojolie Father Day Ecard - Seahorse
Ojolie Father Day Ecard – Amazing Fathers – Seahorse

Seahorses are celebrated as a great example of fatherhood – they are the only species on the planet where the males carry the young until they are ready to emerge from the special pouch the male has for the purpose. He only has to carry them for 21-25 days, but often he carries 2000 at the same time! After they emerge from the pouch, the little seahorse babies are pretty much on their own. So seahorses really have nothing on human fathers, who carry their young around for years after they are born – cradled in their arms, on their chest, in baby slings, carriers, car seats, on their shoulders, and eventually just in their hearts long after the children have left the safety of those protective arms.

So let’s celebrate all the amazing Fathers who make a huge difference in our lives, day in and day out, year after year.

Have a happy and very relaxing Father’s Day!

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Father Day Ecard – Lazy Days of Summer

For all our members around the world who celebrate Father’s Day, we have added a new card to the site. As the name Lazy Days of Summer implies, it is all about kicking back and relaxing as the mercury soars, ideally in the clear blue water of a pool with a cool drink in your hand:) Needless to say, this card can be used for many other occasions during summer and holidays.

Ojolie Father Day Ecard - Lazy Days of Summer
Ojolie Father Day Ecard – Lazy Summer Day

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Special Delivery Father Day Ecard & Birthday Dance Ecard

We have added two new cards to our site that can be sent for a variety of occasions.

Special Delivery is a clean, modern card for just about anyone and just about any occasion. We often get requests for more cards for men, and I think you will find this one fits the bill with a vintage motorcycle and a cool sidekick.

Ojolie Father's Day Ecard - Special Delivery
Ojolie Father’s Day Ecard – Special Delivery

Birthday Dance is another humorous production featuring our adorable rats delivering a greeting with much fanfare. Great for birthdays or anytime you want to put a smile on someone’s face.

Ojolie Birthday Ecard - Birthday Dance
Ojolie Birthday Ecard – Birthday Dance

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Animated Father’s Day Ecard – On Wilderness Shore

The inspiration for our newest father day ecard, On Wilderness Shore, for Father’s Day came after a recent trip to the coast with my boys and Tim that included spotting an eagle up close taking off in majestic flight and many other little adventures. My oldest son told me afterward that two of his big wishes had been fulfilled on the trip and the idea for this card was born.

Ojolie Father Day Ecard - One Wildness Shore
Ojolie Father Day Ecard – One Wildness Shore

Let yourself go on a journey in a canoe across great wild scenery, spotting wildlife, fishing, and finally settling down for the night in a magical spot on earth – from the comfort of your computer 🙂 I hope the watercolor paintings in this card come close to giving you the feeling I get when I am out in the wild. The card is perfect for Father’s Day, greetings to all your outdoor enthusiasts, Birthday wishes (especially for men), and many other occasions. It also includes a little bit about how I went about painting the artwork in this card.

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Cats are Jerks! New Mother’s Day Animated Ecard

Just kidding. Here at Ojolie we love cats, not least because they provide so much inspiration. Besides cats, we also love flowers – as you may have noticed 😀 Our newest release, Flower Arranging, is a short and funny card, featuring our hand-painted watercolor flowers and whimsical animation. It was inspired by a phenomenon most of us are well aware of: cats love to knock or push items off tables. They also have a special fondness for flowers. That would make a beautiful flower arrangement irresistible to any feline of course.

OJolie Mother Day Ecard - Cats Are Jerk!
Ojolie Mother Day Ecard – Cats Are Jerks!

Send this holiday ecard for Mother’s Day, Valentine, thank you, thinking of you, and anytime you want to spread a little joy. Although this artistic ecard is being released for Mother’s Day, it can be used for so many other occasions.

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Mother’s Day Ecard – Celebrating Life & Mom

I was out for a walk recently and came across the most wonderful scented wild roses growing on my path. I brought a few home for my desk in the studio.

Over the coming week, the roses filled the whole studio with their scent as they opened their delicate layers in all their glory. Eventually, of course, they faded. The transient bloom of flowers reminded me that this year has made us acutely aware of how precious our time with our loved ones really is.

As I started working on our newest Happy Mother’s Day Ecard, the rose petals took on completely imaginary shapes and morphed into flowers that probably do not exist in nature. A bouquet started taking shape. It is my way of creating a way for you to send a virtual hug to those amazing women in your life, that deserve to be celebrated every day of the year.

Ojolie Happy Mother Day Ecard
Ojolie Happy Mother’s Day Ecard

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New eCards for Mother’s Day and More, In My Thought and Kind of Awsome

Send a mental break to all those amazing moms you know on Mother’s Day with this fun take on the modern woman’s struggle to achieve zen and let go. Send this animated mother’s day ecard, In My Thought, not just for Mother’s Day greetings, but also for any occasion for the women in your life who need a little break – which is pretty much any day! Also great as a different birthday card for women.

Mother's Day Ecard - In My Thought
Ojolie Mother’s Day Ecard – In My Thought

What’s in a word? In the case of Mother, mum, mom, or whatever you happen to call those awe-inspiring women in your life – a lot! Our newest ecard for Mother’s Day, Kind of Awesom, features a bouquet of our hand-illustrated watercolor flowers animated into a modern graphic design and set to an uplifting piece of music.

Ojolie Mother's Day Ecard - Kind of Awesome
Ojolie Mother’s Day Ecard – Kind of Awesome

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Animated Free eCards

Inspired by the vibrant and colorful chorinho music of Brazil, this beautiful free ecard, Blue Planet, will cheer you up and see life on this precious planet of ours through a different lens. Created for Earth Day, the celebratory mood of this tasteful ecard makes it perfect for many other occasions as well. This is also our first underwater production completely with many reef fishes, a turtle, a ray, and dolphins.

Ojolie Free Ecard - Blue Planet
Ojolie Free Ecard – Blue Planet

This touching animated ecard, Roof of the World, is a celebration of diversity and peace for all of our global family. Prominent Tibetan singer-songwriter Techung has kindly provided the beautiful music in this artistic ecard, which transports you to the heart of Tibet, soaring above the “Roof of the World”.

Ojolie Free Ecard - Roof of the World - Tibet
Ojolie Free Ecard – Roof of the World

Tulip is a beautiful ecard with an art nouveau composition of tulips to celebrate the coming of spring, Valentine’s day, mother’s day, holidays, hope eternal, and all that springs from it!

Ojolie Free Ecard - Tulip Flowers - Art Nouveau
Ojolie Free Ecard – Tulip Flowers

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Spring is here! New eCard for Easter & Spring

Just in time for Easter, we have added a new card to our site titled Easter Basket to our collection of Easter Ecards.

In February I broke my elbow, and this meant spending a good amount of time planning new cards and work, instead of actually painting and drawing. Inspiration is usually a process of just sitting down and working on it, but the time while waiting for my elbow to heal meant really letting the process be in the mind’s eye.

Sometimes the inspiration for a new card comes from the story that springs to mind while listening to a piece of music. Grieg’s butterfly composition, which this new card is set to, really does conjure up the flutterings of butterflies. From there the bunnies and the anticipation of once again being able to enjoy time outdoors were not a far leap 🙂  

Ojolie Easter Ecard - Easter Basket
Ojolie Easter Ecard – Easter Basket

I look forward to sharing new inspiration, cards, and some peek behind the scenes with you in the coming months, as all the planning starts going from the mind’s eye to paper, to the screen, and to you. Check out our other Easter ecards or the free ecards.

Wishing you a very happy Spring & Easter!