Happy New Year & a Heartfelt Thank You!

As we wrap up another year, we would like to thank you for your continued support and interest. The past year has given us a lot of reasons to be grateful and to continue to do meaningful work. Creating cards for you to share with your friends and family is our passion project. What makes it truly meaningful is that we see it making a difference in your lives. As something new this year, I started sharing much more of what we do behind the scenes before you see the card up on our site by posting several times a week to our Instagram. You are welcome to ask me questions there also if you are curious about anything or leave a comment.

Ojolie New Year Ecard – Starry Starry Night

If you have not had a chance to send it yet, we invite you to view our newest card for New Year, Starry Starry Night. Send renewed hope and celebrate all that is beautiful and bright in this world with a card that takes you from the deep jungles to the city jungles as the world unites in celebration of New Year. You can continue to enjoy it well into the new year, as it is also well suited for any celebration that calls for fireworks, like anniversaries and birthdays.

Warmest wishes,

Frederikke & the Ojolie Team

Thank You from Ojolie

Holiday Anticipation & New Christmas Ecards

At Ojolie our holiday cards are some of our most elaborate productions and holiday planning starts really early. It is always a really satisfying feeling when we get to this point, where we can finally unveil what we have been working on for you. The first cards have been released on our site, with more to come. If you know someone who absolutely loves the build up to Christmas Eve, then Gifts of the Season is the holiday ecard for them.

gifts around Christmas tree - a scene in a Christmas ecard
gifts around Christmas tree, a scene in a Christmas ecard

From the smell of fresh baked cookies wafting through the house, to the joy of decorating them with your loved ones, no detail is left to chance. These little acts of love and care are the gifts of the season that inspired this ecard. We approached making this ecard with the same attention to detail, from visualizing the idea, to carefully hand-painting the elements that come together in the final card. We hope you and your recipients will enjoy it!

the making of a Christmas ecard
the making of a Christmas ecard

We can’t wait to share all our new cards for the winter festive season. If you would like to follow along and see what we create in the studio and how these illustrations go from paper and paint to animation, you can follow us on Instagram as well. Check out our collection of beautiful animated Christmas ecards.

watercolor elements for a Christmas ecard
watercolor elements for a Christmas ecard

Ojolie’s premium membership for a full year allows you to send all our cards as much as you want. We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk.  You can also sign up for a free membership and send our collection of free ecards.