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Amour – love – grows, blooms, and brings color and life in this uplifting animation of delicately illustrated ink drawings of flowers that is sure to put a smile on the recipient’s lips. Send it for Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and anytime you want to send a little (or a lot) of love!

Ojolie Valentine Day Ecard - Amor
Ojolie Valentine’s Day Ecard – Amor

There are so many times when you just want to let someone in your life know how much they mean to you or how special they are. With our new card, You Are Magic, you can do so for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, to congratulate someone, send love and best wishes for graduations, and for so many other uses.

Ojolie Valentine Ecard - You Are Magic
Ojolie Valentine Day Ecard – You Are Magic

Are you curious how we paint the different elements in watercolor in our cards? You can follow along behind the scenes on our Instagram account. I am currently working on some watercolor flowers for mother’s day.

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Cute & Beautiful Valentine’s Day Ecards

The animated ecard One in a Chamillion is a nice alternative to the many over-the-top sweet Valentine ecards out there! It features a chameleon that gets more than he aimed for.

One in a Chamillion Valentine’s Ecard

Growing Together ecard takes the metaphor of tending to a tree that grows like a relationship and turns it into a very sweet illustrated story.

Ojolie Valentine's Day Ecard - Growing Together
Ojolie Valentine’s Day Ecard – Growing Together

Grape hyacinth buds made into a little heart-shaped wreath in Love Buds ecard convert the Easter version of this card into a nice option for Valentine’s Day.

Ojolie Valentine's Day Ecard - Love Buds
Ojolie Valentine’s Day Ecard – Love Buds

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Valentine Day eCard and Friendship eCard

Our newest card Friends is loosely inspired by the paper cuttings of Matisse and my love for bold blue — an ode to friendship and love! As I was illustrating this card I was imagining all that I would tell my closest friends, what their friendship and love means to me, and how it just makes everything better! This card is great for Valentine’s Day, thinking of you, love, anniversaries, friendship, and anytime you want to send a little illustrated poetry to someone you simply adore.  Here is our collection of ecards for Valentine’s Day and ecards for friendship.

Ojolie Ecard for Valentine's Day and Friendship
Ojolie Ecard for Valentine Day and Friendship

We hope your Valentine’s Day is spent with the important people in your life that make everything better.

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