An “every day should be Father’s Day” brunch

Sunday brunch was something I always looked forward to when we lived in New England, especially on those blustery days when you could barely get yourself to take the first cold dip out of your cozy warm bed.

While we will have to wait a few more months before the weather starts getting anywhere near cool here, nonetheless it has cooled off enough that cooking brunch doesn’t have to feel like being a short-order cook in a blazing hot inferno of a greasy diner.

So this past Sunday I let Tim sleep in while I whipped up a nice brunch, the boys went to the shop to fetch the paper and set the table.

Ojolie customer service gets to sleep in late on Sundays 🙂

I do happen to agree with those who say that everyday should be …. (insert your own choice of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, etc.) – and not just because I make ecards 😉 And not just because Tim actually helps out with all the responsibilities that come with raising and homeschooling two boys – although I AM grateful for that – but also the joys of playing a game of cards together, going for a swim, or planning our next camping trip.