I take a deep breath and dive, always amused at how different things look underwater. It is a Wednesday afternoon and we almost have the local pool to ourselves. We used to work conventional 9-5 jobs. It seem a lifetime ago, and it wasn’t always 9-5, especially for Tim.

The boys attended school like most other kids up until 5 months ago. So I can confidently say that we get to spend a lot more time together now than we used to. I think more than most families who balance work and family life outside the home. It is just another of the many benefits of home schooling and working from home.

Emil took this picture of Esben and me

But I guess as is so often the case with people, before we try it and see the benefits we tend to weigh all the cons. Before I had children the responsibility and hassle of raising kids seemed like a much bigger deal than they turned out to be once I actually became a mother. Likewise, the most common reaction when people find out that we home school is “WOW, I could NEVER do that!”

Emil making muffins with Tim

I used to think that way to. Well, I didn’t really realize that it would benefit me too, not just the kids. I mainly thought of all the work, wondered whether I would be qualified and consistent enough. In fairness, I will say, I am fortunate to share the work with Tim. And the joys. Homeschooling is not just sitting at home doing work sheets or giving lessons. There are activities with other families that home school, a few classes they attend in subjects we don’t feel we can teach and lots of sports. This means everyday they get to socialize with kids in addition to playing with the neighborhood kids. Much of my work with the boys right now involves reading together, discussion things we read, researching, experimenting, going on field trips, going swimming, baking, watching a movie about something we are studying and so on. And questions, lots of questions. Sometimes questions that totally stump me. Once in a while we do play hooky. We just take a day off. Which we can afford to do because we carried on learning throughout the summer.

Over the summer the boys have practiced their freestyle and can give us a run for our money. I take another deep breath and let myself sink under water. For a moment I feel myself melt into the blue as I am filled with contentment. A second later I am tackled by Esben, who has figured out that bouncing up and down underwater is a lot of fun. Emil is focused on doing his laps, determined to swim more than Tim once again.

Maybe in a later post I will reveal a few of the pitfalls of home schooling and working from home … although I confess one of them is still being on the computer at 2 am, when I should be snuggled up in bed.

An “every day should be Father’s Day” brunch

Sunday brunch was something I always looked forward to when we lived in New England, especially on those blustery days when you could barely get yourself to take the first cold dip out of your cozy warm bed.

While we will have to wait a few more months before the weather starts getting anywhere near cool here, nonetheless it has cooled off enough that cooking brunch doesn’t have to feel like being a short-order cook in a blazing hot inferno of a greasy diner.

So this past Sunday I let Tim sleep in while I whipped up a nice brunch, the boys went to the shop to fetch the paper and set the table.

Ojolie customer service gets to sleep in late on Sundays 🙂

I do happen to agree with those who say that everyday should be …. (insert your own choice of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, etc.) – and not just because I make ecards 😉 And not just because Tim actually helps out with all the responsibilities that come with raising and homeschooling two boys – although I AM grateful for that – but also the joys of playing a game of cards together, going for a swim, or planning our next camping trip.