New birthday ecards arrive!

We have added a new card ‘The Wish’ as well as a Birthday version of our ‘Telegram’ card to our site.
The Wish
Celebrate the day and make a wish!
Birthday Gram
By request the ‘Telegram’ card redone for Birthdays: watch the gold crests type and deliver the birthday telegram!
More cards are presently in production, including ecards for Easter and Mother’s Day as well as more cards for general occasions as requested by many of you.

2 thoughts on “New birthday ecards arrive!

  1. Your cards are probably very beautiful, and I am drawn by the care and plain-speaking advice you offer on your blog …

    but do you really require the very ultra-latest Adobe Flash plugin? You are aware that this requirement prevents my access to your cards (Linux flash is a few versions behind) and prevents sending them to my mother (who dares not upgrade anything on her computer, ever). Surely there are many more like us and a thousand reasons for people to be still using older Flash plugins. If you could lower your technology standards just a tiny bit, it would open your work up to a great many more people.

  2. Some of the ecards require Flash version 8 (the latest is version 9) because our animation is much complex with a lot of “layers” or details that the previous version doesn’t support.

    It may be too confusing to tell the users that some ecards require Flash 6 or above while others require Flash 8 or above.

    I will definitely look into this issue for the future ecards. Thanks for the feedback.

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