Are men afraid of greeting cards?

According to Lisa Earle McLeod of in her Greeting card paralysis reaches all time high, the answer is a definitely yes!

It’s no coincidence that as the more verbose half of the species, women buy and send more cards than men do. According to Hallmark’s research, 82 percent of all greeting cards are purchased by women.


Women believe that if a guy really loves you, he’ll choose a card that expresses the subtle nuances of his innermost thoughts and yearnings, creatively set to rhyme and emblazoned with meaningful graphics.

And woe unto the man who thinks that a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” is enough. Unless it’s scribbled on the bottom of first-class plane tickets to Paris or etched on the key ring of a Lexus, most women think that it takes more than three words to express true love.

But there are hopes.

If you’re a man, the card aisle often feels like a paper minefield of potentially hazardous female emotions. But don’t let fear or insecurity stand in the way of slaying the Valentine dragon. All most women really want is for you to tell her that you love her with your heart and soul.

And if you’re a woman and the words on his card aren’t quite right, remember they were written by a hired hack in a cube at Hallmark. But the act of braving a store and buying it for you were courageously undertaken by the nervous man clutching the paper heart.

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