Ojolie.com’s ecards are chosen by About.com TopPicks for ecards

Our e-cards are chosen by About.com TopPicks for ecards.

#1 in Top 10 Favorite Christmas E-Card Sites
Hand-painted and animated with incredible attention to details and nuances, the Ojolie Christmas card brings holiday spirit to every home by means of angel dust. #1 in Top 10 Favorite Birthday E-Card Sites
An amazing lovable seal delivers heartfelt birthday greetings with big eyes. #2 in Top 10 Favorite Valentine’s Day E-Card Sites
Of the many, many ways to express loving feelings, the Japanese red crowned cranes’ dance and the graceful movements of trumpeter swans are among the most beautiful. Of the many, many ways to send Valentine’s Day greetings via email, Ojolie cards (animating said cranes and swans) are among the most lovely. #3 in Top 10 Favorite Thanksgiving E-Card Sites
The beautiful squirrel family is up to something… and I have a suspicion it has something to do with Thanksgiving. Send one of the most classy e-cards from Ojolie.

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