2016 is around the corner!

The joy of creating 

Is it that time already? Time seems to be flying by and
before you blink the New Year is upon us.

This usually means reflecting on the year that was and
setting your intentions for the year ahead.
The pressure is on to devise your New Year resolutions; lose
weight, exercise more, spend less, save more, work less, work more, give up
smoking, coffee, sugar etc.
However I wanted to propose a different idea from the common
traditional clichés with this new ecard.  A
resolution about committing to the idea of getting more out of life. By this I
mean giving yourself permission to take the time to do whatever it is you

is not always so easy in today’s world, where we live in a landscape that
forces us to stay busy, future-oriented and stressed. Sometimes we just
need to build in more moments to breathe. Take in the present and become
mindful of the simple pleasures that we are in contact with every day if we
allow ourselves to become more conscious of them. 

When we created this business 10 years ago, our intention
was generate an income and lifestyle that would allow us to spend more quality
time together as a family, focus less on material things, and allow us the
freedom to invent whilst enjoying the process along the way.
Hence, the creation of Ode to Life ecard.
View the card
More hugs, naps, road trips, fun and moments of joy, love
and celebration. More laughter, dreaming, creating and sipping on hot cocoa. 
Taking the time to view more sunsets, smell the scents of fresh flowers, breathe in the zest of life! 

Life is for living.  
We are working so we can live, not living just to work.
Every moment is a gift!

2016 is the year for dancing!

This card is a compilation of the various animation styles of our favourite designs. Each vignette is intended to make you smile.

These are some of our resolutions for the coming year.
What are yours? What will bring more enjoyment into your life?

There is no better time than the present to set your intentions to invite more bliss into your world and enhance your well-being with the choices conscious you make. 

Come join with us in the commitment to make the most of your daily life by building in more momentary simple pleasures. 

Taking time out just for you

Happy New Year eCards 2010

We have added two new cards to the site for sending all your New Year greetings.

The first card, titled “Count Down”, really captures the joyful and celebratory mood of New Year celebrations with vibrant fireworks.

Count Down

The second card, “Jazzy New Year”, was inspired by the roaring 20s and includes a musical score that will have you tapping your feet. It is a classy art nouveau inspired card to end the year with a bang and a bash, perfect for invitations for your very own bash or a stylish way to send your New Year greetings.

Jazzy New Year

With just a few days left of 2010, remember you can already schedule your New Year cards now to be sent when you want your recipients to receive it.

Here are our other New Year ecards.

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!

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New Year Cards for 2009

For me New Year is really about renewal, renewal that is part of a cycle of the year and of life. Without this hope, the long dark winters would have seemed almost unsurvivable to my ancestors in Denmark, who would worship in various ways to hope that the sun would once again return. And so despite much disheartening news affecting all of us around the world, New Year’s is a time to celebrate hope above all I believe. With this in mind, I was inspired to create a card that sends this message, both through visual beauty and a message to cast your gaze up at the stars to see Sirius, brightest star, in its culmination on New Year’s Eve.


Here are some other New Year cards.

Black Tie

Cocktail Dress


You can see more New Year cards here.

New Year Invitation eCards

We have added a new card in two versions called “Black Tie” and “Cocktail Dress” to our site for the upcoming New Year’s celebration as well as any festive occasion. The card has a real vintage feel to it including a nice big band music piece. We made two versions of the card so that it would be suitable for both women and men to send. If you are planning an upcoming bash for the holidays or New Year, this card would make a nice way to send the invitation.

Black Tie

Cocktail Dress

We are still working on one more New Year card and will let you know as soon as we add it to the site.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As the year draws to a close we want to thank you for your support and many encouraging comments. Some of the mails we received have been profoundly touching, others immensely helpful in their constructive criticism, and either way we want to encourage you to keep sending them!

In the past few weeks we have added three more cards for the holiday season. The latest addition, “Juletide”, seeks to capture some of the season’s spirit in my own country, Denmark. It is inspired by one of my favorite Swedish watercolor painters, Carl Larsson. He painted his homelife in the picturesque countryside and his images very much conjure up the idyllic feeling of family, nature and of course Scandinavia. Most of the card is rendered by hand in watercolor to capture his unique style. The card is well suited for any kind of seasonal as well as secular greeting, including New Year, and features a pair of cats and a pair of mice.


The second card puts a new twist on the ballet choreographed to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. This card also features many hand rendered watercolor elements and was difficult and time consuming to animate as the ballerina absolutely had to dance gracefully in proper ballet moves!


The third card features the story of the nativity. Because this theme is so ever popular I have placed great emphasis on execution; you really must see this card for yourself, as I have tried to give it my own artistic vision and great attention to detail.


We Wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season & A Wonderful New Year!

2 new holiday ecards

We have added two new holiday cards to our site. Don’t forget you can schedule your holiday cards now for delivery on a specified date, so you can focus on getting on with all your other holiday planning.

SNOW GLOBE – A Christmas card featured in three different versions

AURORA BOREALIS – Celebrating the Season and the New Year

With very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!