New Ojolie Holiday eCards

This year we have gone to extra lengths to provide you with more cards for the holidays than any year before. I sincerely hope you will find several cards that are just right for penning your holiday greetings and so I am happy to announce two more cards.

“Santa’s Special Night” is perhaps one of the most complex animations I have created to date, although there are a few other cards that can compete. This card was inspired by the spirit of going out of our way to delight and surprise those around us that are dear to us. After Santa leaves the workshop the little elves get mighty busy preparing for his return.

Santa’s Special Night

“Jazzy Christmas” is very different from the above mentioned card, setting the mood for relaxing and getting all cozy and snuggled up to something – or someone – warm! Over hot chocolate with tons of whipped cream. And of course cats are just about as laid back as it gets, so naturally take center stage in this card. Set to a great piece of jazz on piano and sax and I think you get the picture.

Jazzy Christmas

For a limited time we are also offering a free gift membership when you sign up or renew for a 2 year membership. This way you save both on the lower membership cost of just $15 for two years and have a wonderful gift you can share with someone who might also like to use the cards. Since we have never had a promotion like this before, we are only trying it for a limited time, so take advantage of it while it lasts. See the detail of the promotion.

You may also have noticed that we have launched the site in French, Spanish and Dutch in order to reach more than just the English speaking world. So if you have friends and family who prefer to receive cards in one of these languages, you can now select the appropriate language when you send your cards. The recipient will receive their email notification in the language you selected for the ecard. If you have been using English all along and prefer that, just ignore any of this as English is the default language.

eCards for Sunny Christmas and Hanukkah

As promised we have added two more cards to our site for the holidays and three more will follow in the coming days. These cards really are the result of months of hard work and I am thrilled to finally be sharing them with you.

“Bright & Merry” was created for anyone spending the holidays in warmer climates or the southern hemisphere – or perhaps just wishes they would! It is set to a great bossa nova version of “Jingle Bells” on a beach and … well, have a look for yourself to see the rest.

“Hanukkah” is our first card for the festival of lights. I am fond of the music I chose for it, which moved me. I think it perfectly sets the tone for a joyous celebration.

Let me know what you think!

Gingerbread House Christmas Card

In the coming weeks we will be rolling out the new cards for the holidays and without revealing too much, I can say that they are the result of months of hard work and planning. With a variety of cards we hope you will find a few that are just perfect for sending your holiday cheer. The next card to be released will be for Hanukkah, a last minute inspiration after many requests by members.

In addition we are happy to announce that another holiday card has been added to the site called “Gingerbread House” – a sweet tale of how Mr. & Mrs. Gingerbread first met.

Gingerbread House

Last week we also announced that we had added a card for Saint Nicholas Day on December 6th. You can send or schedule any of these cards right now so you don’t forget. The Saint Nicholas card is also well suited as a general Season’s Greeting with a little bit of interesting trivia at the end about how Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus are related.

Saint Nicholas

Have a Great Week!

The Year of eCards in UK?

Is this the year of eCards in UK?

According to The Time, “Royal Mail’s chief executive has painted a bleak picture of the industry’s future — and warned that the current strife could result in people deciding that this was the year they would stop sending Christmas cards.”

I don’t think people in UK will stop sending paper Christmas cards. The strike will definitely have some effect, but there are still many weeks away from Christmas. There are enough people who believe that paper cards are a special part of their holiday. For many people, paper Christmas cards are often set out on the mantel or some other conspicuous place. Try to do that with eCards.

Maybe we should add the functionality for the recipients to print out their ecards so they can put the “cards” on the mantel-:)

New Christmas eCard – Jingle Bells

We have added another new card called “Jingle Bells” featuring a horse drawn sled dashing through a winter wonderland – all handpainted in watercolor in great detail – a classical card centered around the joy of preparing for the holidays with your loved ones.

Jingle Bells

But before Tim and I can get around to the family preparations with the boys, we still have a bit of work to do to bring you several more cards for your New Year celebrations.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As the year draws to a close we want to thank you for your support and many encouraging comments. Some of the mails we received have been profoundly touching, others immensely helpful in their constructive criticism, and either way we want to encourage you to keep sending them!

In the past few weeks we have added three more cards for the holiday season. The latest addition, “Juletide”, seeks to capture some of the season’s spirit in my own country, Denmark. It is inspired by one of my favorite Swedish watercolor painters, Carl Larsson. He painted his homelife in the picturesque countryside and his images very much conjure up the idyllic feeling of family, nature and of course Scandinavia. Most of the card is rendered by hand in watercolor to capture his unique style. The card is well suited for any kind of seasonal as well as secular greeting, including New Year, and features a pair of cats and a pair of mice.


The second card puts a new twist on the ballet choreographed to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. This card also features many hand rendered watercolor elements and was difficult and time consuming to animate as the ballerina absolutely had to dance gracefully in proper ballet moves!


The third card features the story of the nativity. Because this theme is so ever popular I have placed great emphasis on execution; you really must see this card for yourself, as I have tried to give it my own artistic vision and great attention to detail.


We Wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season & A Wonderful New Year!

How much electricity does recycling a Christmas sleeve save?

“According to the Woodland Trust, recycling just one Christmas card saves enough electricity to allow five people to watch the [UK] Queen’s Christmas day message.” in …Turn old cards into gift tags. “Last year more than 93 million cards were collected by the Woodland Trust – enough to enable the charity to plant 22,000 trees – or a forest the size of 44 football pitches.”

That is a lot of tree cut down for the cards, not to mention all other related activities (turning trees into paper cards, delivering cards to stores, buying the cards, mailing the cards, etc.). The best way to save the environment is to reduce consumption.

2 new holiday ecards

We have added two new holiday cards to our site. Don’t forget you can schedule your holiday cards now for delivery on a specified date, so you can focus on getting on with all your other holiday planning.

SNOW GLOBE – A Christmas card featured in three different versions

AURORA BOREALIS – Celebrating the Season and the New Year

With very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!