Launching the new website for Tibetan Musician Techung

Acclaimed Tibetan musician Techung asked me about a year ago whether I would be willing to design his website. You might remember that I created a card with a message of peace shortly after the uprisings in Tibet that shocked the world a little over a year ago. Techung kindly allowed me to use his beautiful music in the card and so I was very happy to help with the design of his site.

It has taken some time for us both to make time between my regular work on the cards and his busy tour schedule to get the site ready to launch. So I am delighted to announce that today, an auspicious date selected by Techung’s 87 year old father, we have launched the new site.

Please check out the site to hear more of his wonderful music and read about his impressive past and upcoming tour schedule. The site will be an on-going source of news and upcoming events and hopefully you will be able to enjoy his performance live at some point.

To celebrate the launch of the site, the first, fifteenth and thirtieth person to join his mailing list will receive a DVD of the concert in Taipei, Taiwan. To join, simply access the news section of the site and scroll to the bottom where you can enter your email address.