Baptism Christening eCard

We have added a new card titled “Ave Maria” to our growing selection of ecards. For some time now we have wanted to set a card to the goose-bump inducing vocal rendition of Schubert’s piece by the same title.

So we set out to design a card that would do the music justice; we settled on painting a reproduction of Lewis C. Tiffany’s glass stained windows, which took several weeks to complete in watercolor and ink.

Tiffany’s windows are renowned for their vibrant color, beautifully detailed art nouveau designs and innovative glass making techniques. The card includes a short section about the art work in the card (link found at the end of the card).

Although the card is mainly intended for announcing the birth of a new baby, congratulating new parents, baptisms and christenings, it is also suitable for other spiritual occasions. We plan to release an alternate version of the card for Christmas later in the year as well.

Ave Maria

Let us know how you like this card!

2 thoughts on “Baptism Christening eCard

  1. il n'y a pas que cette carte que j'aime,toutes celles que j'ai pu apercevoir avec l'animation en prime,c'est tout simplement magique.Je suis en admiration devant tant de créativité et de beauté pour en arriver la,je n'ose pas imaginer le travail,ou du moins j'imagine très bien ,moi-même étant passionnée de dessin mais ne pouvant plus le faire,je vous dis merci pour m'avoir fait rêver.J'ai découvert votre site par le plus grand des hasards et je ne suis pas du tout déçue par sa découverte

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