I am FINALLY blogging

I have been meaning to write this blog for a really long time, but I guess there is no time like the present!

After some back and forth experimentation and almost two days of work I have settled on a new look for the homepage of the site. I wanted to update the information and the look, make it slightly more compact, without altering it so much that our members might not recognize it. I haven’t decided which of these last two options I like best, but I guess you will find out soon, because Tim wants it ready pronto.

I am in a creative phase (read: driving my husband crazy, making a creative mess, forgetting to eat and pretty much being unable to fall asleep at night because I am still not finished with whatever project I started at 10 pm).

New Ojolie August eCard – Sweet Peas

We have added a new card to our collection titled “Sweet Peas” which is suitable for a wide range of occasions.

The card was conceived during a lazy afternoon on my vacation in Denmark this summer. The abundant and colorful display of sweet peas in my grandmother’s garden provided endless subjects for my watercolor practice using a new technique.

Even though the sweet pea season is ending, early autumn is in fact the best time to prepare your seeds for next summer’s blooms. So send this card to extend the days of summer a little bit more or as a little reminder to all your friends who love flowers to plant their sweet pea seeds now.

The card includes instructions for planting your own seeds and a little bit of information about the painting technique I used to paint the flowers. Both can be viewed at the end of the card by clicking on the buttons called “Plant Sweet Peas” and “About the Art Work”.

Sweet Peas