Simple Stunning Flowers

photo by yellowgoatdesign on flickr – creative commons license

If you have a little extra money to splurge, my favorite choice is peonies. A few blooms will making an amazing display. But if you are on a tighter budget you can still making some very tasteful arrangements using everyday flowers from the grocery store.

photo by tanakawho on flickr – creative commons license

A simple bouquet of yellow solidagos and blue statice can make a stunning, but inexpensive and very full display. And the best part is that they dry really beautifully – in fact the blue statice will not fade and looks stunning against the mellow dried solidagos.

The solidagos and blue statice are set in a inexpensive rustic vase I found at a local rummage store

The same concept can be applied to other inexpensive flowers. As long as you avoid the mixed bouquets which are often rather tacky and opt for one big splash of color by using only one or two types of flower, even those who claim they don’t know how to arrange flowers can make a fancy looking arrangement.

Use unconventional containers as vases, such as small colorful glass bottles for a simple arrangement in the bathroom or even canning jars for – GASP – baby’s breath 🙂 Baby’s breath will actually look charming as long as you don’t use it with a mixed bouquet or roses.

Sometimes flower arranging is about thinking outside of the box and stretching the budget to go a little further.

Soap Beautiful

photo by Thomas Hawk on flickr

As an artist I am incredibly sensitive to color and my surroundings. I love fresh flowers and little touches in my daily life that give me joy to behold. And when the urge comes to spruce things up a little, it doesn’t mean having to splurge or repaint the whole house. Here is a simple idea for making the bathroom a little more attractive.

I recently stumbled on this fantastic little wooden pedestal stand, a vintage piece from Japan that was bought rather inexpensively locally (less than $10).

I use it to hold extra soaps in the bathroom. I have a favorite olive oil soap I like to use, but the packaging is anything but beautiful. So instead a cut strips of decorative paper and wrap them around each soap, securing with a small piece of tape. The result looks luxurious and pampering. You could use a big glass jar as well to hold soaps, natural sponges and wash cloths – or ceramic plates or bowls – just make sure they are placed somewhere they will not be knocked down. I keep my towels and this soap stand on a an antique wooden teak towel stand outside the bathroom, which also eliminates any issues with moisture.