Spring on the Farm

The baby ducklings have hatched here on the farm just a few days ago, just in time for Easter. The baby lamb are already quite grown. Everything is in bloom and bringing the hope of spring. The illustrations for our newest card Easter Bunch started hatching some time ago. 

We have been fortunate enough to become part of a community on a rural farm during the past year. We started growing some of our own food and feel really fortunate to have been part of this community during this pandemic. Taking short breaks in between our work to step out into our new surroundings is incredibly mentally nourishing. Most days this involves taking a quick peek to see what has pooked through the soil today. Let’s see if the Easter bunny has left us any surprises tomorrow 🙂 Either way, we hope you will enjoy this new card for Easter that was inspired by our newfound love of vegetable gardening. And don’t forget to browse our other Easter ecards and spring ecards.

Easter Ecard – Easter Bunch

We shared a few snaps from our daily life here on the farm with you below. Total cuteness overload. 

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