• What is included in Fast Turnaround Service?

    Fast Turnaround service means you place your order via our new design interface. This system allows you to upload an image for your logo, shrink the logo and place it where you want it to appear in the final image of the card. Likewise you will be able to compose and design your text, placement, color, size and choose from our selection of fonts. The design system uses a static background image of the final frame of the card, so it is not possible to preview the streaming video version of the card until your card has been finalized by us after placing your order. We have to manually enter your information into Flash, which is the program we use to create our animated cards, and convert it to a video.

    If you need something that is not possible via this system, please contact us for a quote.

    After we receive your order, we will get the card ready for review in 1-3 business days. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and attention to detail so your company holiday ecard will stand out from the crowd.

    You can create as many drafts of your design using our new design interface, but once you place your order for a specific design, no additional changes are included. We will provide you with a streaming video of the card with your logo and text exactly as you designed in your draft. If you decide you want additional changes after placing your order, this is possible for an additional fee. For more information see our Additional Changes section below.

  • Our logo is not in png format, what do we do?
    If you need help converting your logo from another format to .png format, please contact us BEFORE to placing your order via our new design interface. If you provide us with a logo in another format, the logo is not transparent, or there is other information missing, your card may be delayed. We are happy to help you with any questions you have about your logo or card design. If you need us to convert your logo to the appropriate format there is a small additional fee.
  • How many additional changes can we make after ordering?

    If you want to request additional changes after we send your card to you for review, there is an additional fee of $100 for 2 additional iterations and a further turnaround time of 1-3 business days per iteration. An iteration is a set of allowed changes, that can be done via the design interface online. We will send a new video for you to review after each iteration. You can take as long as you need to review the new version, but obviously the longer you take, the longer it takes before you are ready to send out your card.

    The changes must be submitted to us via the design interface by accessing your order via the Order History under your Account Information. The system will log this as a change once you save the changes and confirm the order. You will be asked to pay for additional iterations via our payment system at the time of ordering. If you need changes that cannot be made via our design system, please contact us for a quote and to discuss your needs. As always we want you to be delighted with your card and are happy to provide great personalized service to get you there.

  • What happens after we approve the card?
    After you approve your card, you will receive instruction regarding emailing and hosting. We will work with you or IT support to get the card ready for sending.
  • How will the card be displayed?
    The card can be displayed as a stand-alone page (on your website or our website). Or we can help you integrate the card on your website.
  • Hosting & Support for Mobile Devices
    Your card will be provided in video format, providing complete compatibility across all browsers and devices. It can be hosted on a web server and be displayed on a web page. This web page can be hosted on your web server. Or we can host the web page on our web server, if you choose to. We will be happy to provide your with examples of both options. We recommend the card page be hosted on your web server because the link with your domain name looks more professional and trustworthy.
  • How will the card be sent?
    Our standard service doesn't include emailing the cards for you. We suggest that you send the card by including the ecard link and/or an ecard graphic in a newsletter/email to your mailing list. We will be happy to provide your with an example. We can also send the card for you for a fee. Contact us with your request.
  • What kind of license is provided with the card?
    The corporate card is licenced for your use for 2 months. After which time, you should remove the card page from your website. If you want a long term licence, please contact us.
  • Why is there an Ojolie Logo on the card?
    Our logo will appear discreetly in your card. We own the copyright to the card and need to include our copyright mark. Discreetly including our logo also allows us to keep our prices competitive and pass the savings to you, because the cards speak for themselves. If you do not want to include our logo, there is an additional fee. Simply choose this option when placing your order via our online system, and the charge will be applied and the logo removed when we process your order.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    You can make the payment with a credit card or your PayPal account, if you have one already. You DON'T need to open a new PayPal account to make the payment. We do not accept checks or bank transfer.
  • What are your payment terms?
    Payment in full needs to be made when ordering your card.
  • What is the fastest way to contact you?
    Email is usually a better way to contact us, but you can also call us. If you receive our answering service, we will return your call as soon as possible if you leave a message. Please repeat your name and phone number twice in the message, as it is sometimes difficult to hear clearly and we want to be sure to return your call.