If you can imagine it, we can probably do it!

We invite you to browse a few examples of cards
we customized for happy clients & get in touch with questions!

Creating cards and animation from start to finish can get expensive,
so making changes to our existing cards is often a great solution.

Change colors to your corporate colors

We changed the card A World of Peace to fit the branding colors of a major international brand. It was important to keep the paper texture of the papercut layers, and the client was so happy with the result they wanted to roll it out to more regional offices.
This is usually an inexpensive option for most of our cards. For a simple background color change the price is $50, while changing the colors for the whole card will be quoted based on the specific card and the amount of changes required, but will be in the range $150-350. Turnaround time is usually 2-3 days.

Customize design elements

The landmarks of Hong Kong were illustrated in the same papercut style as the other landmarks in our card A World of Peace and replaced three layers of the eight layers of the original card. The result is a card that looks tailor made and proudly showcases the city.
This was a much more affordable and fast option that creating a card from scratch. Sometimes we can also use existing animation or design elements from another card in the card of your choice, so cost can be reduced that way. Contact us for a quote and time estimate.

Personalize with your team signatures

A hand signed card adds a really nice touch. In one case, we added the signatures as an additional animation sequence before the message at the end of the card Winter Foliage. This is a really good solution for making the signatures large enough to be clear on mobile devices.
There is a base fee of $75 to add signatures to the card, which includes one revision. You provide the signatures. If we need to remove backgrounds, the fee per 5 signatures is usually $20. Turnaround time is usually 2-3 days. If you want the signatures to be part of the animation, get in touch for a quote.

Put your own face on the card with images

The card Merry Train was personalized with photos of the most prominent projects of the year for an Australian architectural firm. Adding images can be a great way to showcase projects or a group photo to add that personal touch. The photos can be added to the animation or at the end of the card.
The cost usually starts at $75 for adding up to three images to the card, which includes one revision. If the images need to be added to more complicated animation like the train above, the fee will be a little higher, as the animation may need to be modified to showcase the images as the right speed and clarity . Turnaround time is usually 2-3 days.

We will work with you to create a card you will love!

Whether you just need a small customization to your card or want something designed and animated from scratch, we have lots of experience doing this. Get in touch and if needed we can set up a short chat with the Frederikke Tu, the Creative Director, to discuss what you need.

As the cases above show, semi-customization is a very affordable option compared to creating a card from scratch. For a very simple card created from scratch prices start at $2500 and quickly go up to $4-5000, because animation is time consuming and expensive.

All cards created from scratch require at least a month to create from concept/storyboards to delivery, so early planning is a must. If you would like to know more about the custom design process, get in touch and we can send you a complete case as an example also.