membership and account questions

  • How do I become a member?
    Please click here to become a member. A member can access all member features and send all the ecards.
  • The recipient has not received the card.
    If a recipient hasn't received your ecard, please double-check the accuracy of your recipient's e-mail address.

    If the e-mail address is correct, please go to the card history or card pending menu item and check if we received your request to send the card.

    If the ecard was sent and the recipient didn't receive it, his/her internet service provider could be routing the ecard notification to a bulk or spam folder for some reason. You can ask the recipient to check the bulk/spam folder for the ecard email. Or you can send the ecard email to the recipient yourself to increase the chance that the email arrives to the inbox. Here is what you can do.

    1. Go to the card history menu item.
    2. Find the ecard that has not been picked up.
    3. Click the "View Email" link. A popup window will display the original ecard email with the link and code for picking up the ecard.
    4. Copy and personalize/modify the content of the email and send the email to the recipient via your email account.
  • How do I use the member features?
    My Account

    Edit your membership information anytime by accessing the "my account" link. You can change your e-mail address, password, and account information.

    Please follow the instructions below to edit your account:

    1. If you are not already signed in, sign in using your user ID and password.
    2. Click on the "my account" link in the members toolbar at the top of the page.

    To edit your membership information: enter the updated information and click the "update" button.

    To change your password: Click the link "Click here to change password" on the page.

    Address Book

    Our members can store their friends' information in their own address book. Please follow the instructions below to access this feature.

    1. If you are not already signed in, sign in using your user ID and password.
    2. At the top of the screen click "address book" link in the members toolbar at the top of the page.

    To ADD a contact:

    1. Click the link "add new contact".
    2. Enter the name and contact information.
    3. Click the "submit" button to store the information in your address book.

    To EDIT a contact:

    1. Click the "edit" link.
    2. You will see the full contact information for that person displayed.
    3. Click the "submit" button to save your changes.

    To DELETE a contact:

    1. Check the checkbox to the left of the contact you want to delete.
    2. Click the link "delete selected". You can delete 2 or more contact names at once.
    3. You can click the "delete" link to delete contacts one by one.

    To send an ecard using your address book:

    1. Choose an ecard you would like to send.
    2. At step "personalize your card" you will see the address book box on the right side.
    3. Click a contact's name to add that person to the recipient list.

    Card History

    Our members can view all the ecards they have sent in the past 30 days. Members also have the option to view or cancel ecards that are scheduled to be delivered at a future date (i.e. haven't been sent yet).

    Please follow the instructions below to access card history:

    1. If you are not already signed in, sign in using user ID and password.
    2. Click on the "card history" link in the members toolbar at the top of the page.

    To VIEW an ecard: Click on "view" next to the ecard you wish to view.

    To CANCEL delivery of an ecard that is scheduled to be sent:

    1. Click on the "card history" link in the members toolbar at the top of the page.
    2. Click the "cancel" link next to the ecard that you do not want delivered.
  • I don't receive your email. The email goes into the spam folder.
    Click here to read about whitelist.
  • What is Ojolie's refund policy?
    If you are not satisfied with your membership and our service, we will refund your membership fee within the first 30 days. Just send us a request.

logging in

  • I don't remember my login information, i.e. email address, user ID, or password.
    You can enter your user ID or email address in the login page and click the "Forget your password?" link below to have the login information emailed to you.
  • I think my account is active, but I can't login with my login information.
    You can enter your user ID or email address in the login page and click the "Forget your password?" link below to have the login information emailed to you. You can use this functionality to find out if your user ID or email address is in our system. If you get an error message, then your login information doesn't exist in our system or your membership has expired.
  • I can't login. I log in, try to do anything, and then I am not logged in any more.
    Try to completely log out first and then log in again. In addition, if your browser or security application is blocking cookies, you should enable cookie for our site.
  • What is a User ID?
    A user ID is just some text that uniquely identifies you. It can only contain letters and numbers and NOT any symbols such as @, $, %, etc.

    Here are some examples of a user ID.
    - your initials
    - the first name initial plus your last name
    - your nickname

    You can use your user ID OR email address to login. You may forget the email address that you use or you no longer have access to the email address, for example, because you have changed a job. In that case, you can alwasy use your user ID to login. You can update your email address after you login. The user ID that you use during initial sign-up can not be changed afterward.

sending cards

  • How do I create, send or schedule an ecard?
    Click on the ECARDS menu item. Browse through the cards and choose the one you like to send.

    Step 1: Preview an ecard

    Click on "preview card" button to preview the ecard. The ecard will be displayed on a popup window. Close this window when you are done previewing the ecard.

    Step 2: Personalize your ecard

    1. Click the "personalize & send" button.
    2. Type in the name and email address of the recipients.
    3. Select a delivery date option: immediately or a later date.
    4. Select a card greeting from the available list. If the "custom greeting" option is available, you will be able to write your own greeting.
    5. Write a personal message.
    6. In addition, you can also add an optional personal email subject and message that will be included in the ecard pickup notification email sent to the recipients. It will personalize and distinguish your email from the fake ecard email scams and increase the chance that your ecard will be viewed by the recipients.
    7. Click the "preview card" button to preview your personalized ecard. Close this window when you are done.
    8. Make any necessary changes. Preview the card again, if needed.
    9. Click the "send this card" button to send or schedule the ecard.
  • What languages do the ecards support?
    Our cards support most languages using the Roman alphabets, including special characters in those languages. Languages using completely different characters or alphabets such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. are not supported. We STRONGLY encourage you to PREVIEW all cards you write in languages other than English to make sure that the characters appear on the cards as you expect them to.
  • What is a photo card? How do I add photos?
    Go to my account to add a photo.
  • How do I change the font size of the ecard message?
    You are not able to fix the font size of the ecard message when creating it. There is a + font size - tool below the message that the viewer of the card can use to adjust the font size. However, the font size change is not permanent. People have different preferences for the font sizes. The viewers decide what font size they want to view the message.
  • How do I send cards on Facebook?
    You can send cards with our Facebook App.

picking up and viewing ecard

  • Requirements to view ecards
    You must install Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher in order to view the ecards. Click here to download the latest Flash Player.

    We recommend viewing our site using the following browsers:
    - Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later
    - Mozilla Firefox 4 or later
    - Google Chrome

  • How can I pick up an ecard?
    You will receive an e-mail stating that someone has sent you an ecard. The e-mail message will contain a link and a code for picking up your ecard. You can also copy the code and paste it into the indicated field on the ecard pickup page.