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Five easy steps!
  • Choose a card
  • Design your card
  • Pay to place order or save as draft
  • Review your card *
  • You email the card to your recipient list
* you will receive it in 1-3 business days, assuming there is no missing information or additional changes
How it works

Once you have decided on a card, you can design the text in your card and upload your transparent logo using our new card design interface.

You can design and save as many drafts as you like of the card. During the design process you will see the text and logo placement on a static version of the card. This will give your colleagues and other decision makers an option to review the design before submitting it for us for final adjustments. It also allows you to design several different draft cards, so your team can review it and choose the best option. Once you have decided on a final design, you pay and submit your order.

After we receive your draft design, we add the actual text and logo to the real animated card. After that we create a streaming video of the card that will play on all mobile devices and browsers.

What you will need to get started
  • Estimated number of recipients. You can change this before placing your order
  • A large enough logo with a transparent background in .png format. *
  • The greeting message you would like to include
  • Additional text (e.g. donation text, website, phone numbers, address, etc.)
* If you are not sure what this is or need help converting to this format, you can find additional information in our tutorial.
It's easy to get started, try it now!

Three easy steps! Read our tutorial & tips or get started designing now. You can design as many drafts as you like. Pay only when you place your order!

Sending your card

You will email your recipients yourself, so you will never have to share your mailing list with us. We will provide you with a graphic you can include in your email if you prefer.

For additional services and customization, see our Pricing and Custom Card sections.

Personalized Service

Some clients prefer to leave the design process in our capable hands. We are happy to do this for an additional fee. As you can see from our past clients, we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of personalized service. If you prefer this, please contact us for a quote.