Time for Thanksgiving ecards

Now that Halloween is over, and the first snow storm has passed the east coast shores, it’s time to plan for Thanksgiving.

While Thanksgiving is associated with being thankful for generations past where Native American Indians worked together with the Pilgrims to share in a bountiful harvest, giving thanks and sharing blessings, the same type of “giving thanks” tradition continues even today. And with the evolution of technology and computers, even smart phones, this giving of thanks can be expressed by sending Thanksgiving e-cards or text messages to friends and family members.

Ecards today are available with beautiful full color graphics, animations and music. And they are offered via ecard subscription sites. In a nutshell, you pay one low price for a year’s worth of ecards for all occasions. Simply click the ecard you’d like to email, add your personalized message and an optional photo for some designs, and click to send it to the email of your friends or loved one. It’s that simple. And it’s safe, as recipients receive email notices and click a link to view the card or go to the site directly and enter a code to pick up the card.

Here are some of the Ojolie Thanksgiving ecards.

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